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Cintek Unlimited - Unlimited Access ONLY $29.95

You just finished typing a 4 page email, you try to send it when you realize that your computer has decided it doesn't like you and hangs up your Internet connection.

Its happened to everybody. Finally, Cintek provides you with solutions to make sure that it does not happen to you again. Stop hang-ups and lost connections with hints and tips from US!

   Software Compression And Log On To Network
Log On to Network is notorious for causing network delays on dialup connections. There is no benefit to this being turned on.

Enable Software Compression in many cases will cause degradation in performance. Most modern modems already contain hardware-based compression; enabling software compression may cause data loss or disconnections. Your mileage may vary.

  To check Software Compression and Log on to Network

Open the "My Computer" icon on your Desktop and from there open Dial Up Networking
(Dial Up Networking is located in the Control Panel on Windows ME).
Right click on your Cintek Connection, and click Properties
A new window will open, with tabs across the top. Click on the Server Types tab (in Windows ME click Networking)
If Log on to Network and Enable Software Compression are checked, uncheck them. Click the OK button, and restart your computer.

 Network Components

Dial Up Internet will use 2 Windows network components: Dial-up Adapter and TCP/IP.
Having any other protocols loaded may cause disconnection or degraded Internet performance.
Please note that other protocols may be needed if you are running a network.
  To check and repair your network settings

Click on the Start Button, and then select Settings/Control Panel, then double click the Network Icon.
You will now see a list of installed components. You should have Dial up Adapter and TCP/IP, and possibly Client for Microsoft Networks.
If there are any other protocols listed, click on them once, and then click the Remove button.
Once this is finished, click the OK button, and allow your computer to restart.

  Modem Drivers and Firmware

The Internet is a rapidly evolving system.
Your modem, the liaison between the Internet and your computer, may often need updating.
  To update your modem

If you know the brand of your modem, try visiting their website (a Lucent modem driver will probably be found at
If you cannot remember what brand your modem is, you can right click on My Computer, and click Properties
Select Device Manager, scroll down to modems, and copy your modem name/brand from there.
Once you are on your modem vendor's site, search for a Drivers section.
From here, follow the company's directions for installing new modem drivers or firmware.

    Line Interruptions and Noise

Your connection to the Internet is sensitive.
Any line noise or lack of clarity can cause severe latency, network congestion or even disconnections.
Every phone in your house will slightly degrade your Internet connection.
Services such as Call Display will also create line noise, and have been known to prevent network connections. Phone line quality is very important. Some rural districts will experience poor quality due to old or poor telephone wiring in their area.
  To decrease line noise

Try disconnecting other phones sharing the same line with your Internet connection before dialing up.
If you have Call Waiting, set your computer to dial *70, before dialing your connection number.
If you have services on your line such as Call Display, try having them disabled temporarily, and observe your network connection for improvement.
If you suspect a noisy or dirty connection, call your telephone company.

    Hang Ups While Checking E-mail

Windows will often attempt to hang up after sending and receiving e-mail.
This is a feature than can be turned on randomly, by windows or other software. If you do not have e-mail waiting, it may appear that disconnection is happening immediately.
  To disable automatic disconnection after checking e-mail

In Outlook Express, click on Tools, then on Options.
Next, click the Connections tab and uncheck "Hang up After Sending and Receiving".
Click OK, and Outlook Express will no longer disconnect after checking e-mail.


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