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wpe1B5.jpg (3200 bytes) One of the problems we've been noticing in the Cranbrook area is the occasional inability to download emails by some users.   Generally, we've also noticed that these problems seem to be inherent to those using Microsoft Outlook Express v4, v5,  or the full version included in Office 97.
The first thing we need to say is - it's usually not our server.  These problems are always caused by computer, modem or phone line related problems.  Since the phone lines are usually relatively good in Cranbrook, that leaves only one possibility.  Now we can't say this will always fix your problems, but it certainly can't hurt either.

This version is free and will not expire.

wpe1B6.jpg (1343 bytes)Eudora Light v3.0.6 for Windows (all versions)

Minimum Requirements: 486DX/66MHz or higher, Windows 3.1/95/98, 8MB RAM

Download Size: 4.5MB

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