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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)   
This is a great place to start if you're having problems connecting to our server, staying connected, uploading web pages or just can't figure things out.

Information about Computer Viruses

Children and the Internet

Dialup Troubleshooting Guide

If you can't find the answers you are looking for on this page, then proceed to the Contact page or give us a call at 1-250-489-4289

Q: What are the settings I need to connect with Cintek?

A: The mandatory settings are:

- Telephone number for computer to dial:
Cranbrook: 489-4565

- Incoming mail (POP3) server:
Cranbrook, :

- Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Cranbrook, :

- Username and password: issued upon signup
Must be small letters with no spaces or punctuation.  The username should not contain
the suffix of the email address. 

Additional settings include:

- Name (DNS) server:
Cranbrook, : ( and (

- Home page:

Problem: The computer won't dial and the browser says it can't find the homepage

Solution: Go into "My Computer " on the desktop, and from there double-click on "Dial Up Networking ". In this folder should be an icon labelled Cintek , double click on this icon to begin connecting.

NOTE: If you're using Windows 98, Find the Internet Explorer program group on the Start Menu, click on "Connection Wizard". Run setup, choose option 2 to make a new connection, and choose the already existing dial-up and email settings. Restart the computer and try dialing again.

Problem: The computer says that it cannot establish a connection with the computer you dialed or that it cannot establish compatible set of networking protocols

Solution: Click on the Start menu, then select "Settings ", and "Control Pane l". In the Control Panel, double click on the "Network " icon. For a computer not installed as part of a network, the box listing installed component should only have "Client For Microsoft Networks ", "Dial Up Adaptor ", and "TCP/IP " inside. If you have more than this then remove the extra components. See Network setup.

Problem: It keeps asking me for my password

Solution: Make sure that both the username and password display correctly and have no spaces. Also make sure that Caps Lock is not on and that you do not type " " at the end of your username. Also, see Network setup.

Problem: When I try to connect the computer mentions something about "no carrier" or "no dial tone"

Solution: The modem cannot get a dial tone from your telephone line. Make sure your phone line is connected to the back of your computer and the wall jack. If the error persists, take a normal telephone, plug it into the jack normally used by the computer and listen in the headset. If you get no dial tone, then there is a problem with your line. If you get a dial tone, then there is a problem with your modem. In these cases contact your telephone company or modem manufacturer to rectify the problems.

Problem: When I try to connect, the computer says it is not getting a response from the modem

Solution: Turn your computer off, then on again ("cold reboot"). Make sure you have no fax software running and try to connect to the Internet again. If the problem persists you will have to contact your modem manufacturer to rectify the problem.

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Q: When I try to check my E-mail, it keeps asking for my password. Why?

A: Make sure that the username and password are correct and entirely in lower case. Also be certain that they contain no spaces and the username does not have " " at the end of it.

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Q: I keep getting kicked off line. I get messages about the server being reset. What's wrong with your server?

A: Regardless of the messages you receive, having your connection terminated continually for no apparent reason is enough to make anyone upset. It's not our fault. At this point it is very important to consider a few important issues:

Do you have any cordless (wireless) phones?
How many phones do you have plugged in to the same line the computer is on?
Are you running fax or answering machine software?
How are your phone lines?
Do you have a fax machine on the same line?
Do you have call display enabled on your phone line?

These are all important factors because any one of them can disrupt your internet connection - Some or all of the time. The best suggestions is to unplug, turn off, or stop any of these things if they are active while you are on-line. BC Tel will test your lines if you do not have a wireless/cordless phone. Those types of phones are notorious for line noise. Unfortunately, their tests are only for voice ability. You may not get any conclusive answers pertaining to data transmission.

NOTE: Cordless/wireless phones are accessing the phone line at all times while they are connected to your jack. Unplugging the adapter or disconnecting the phone completely will disable it.

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Q: How do I chat?

A: There are many programs and websites on the Internet for chatting with friends or strangers. You can visit a search engine and search for "chat rooms" to find some of the many chat rooms on the Internet, or download , a popular program that allows you to correspond live or send E-mails to millions of other people on the Internet.

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Q: I am creating my homepage in FrontPage. Do you support FrontPage extensions?

A: Yes, we do support FrontPage extensions. If you wish to create a web page using FrontPage than please contact us first and we will allow you access to the extensions.

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Q: How do I upload the web page that I created?

A: The best way is to use an FTP program, you can find one on our page. When you have an FTP program it will ask you for the name of the server you want to connect to. This will be It will also ask for your username and password. Make sure that you enter these in lowercase. This is all the required information, you can ignore all other settings. When the program connects, you will be put into your home directory. In this directory, you will find another directory called "web". Use the FTP program to transfer the files off of your computer and into this directory. Once you have uploaded the files you can see if it worked by using your browser and going to username is your username). If your page does not work, or is full of missing links, than make sure that you have paid special attention to capitals and lowercase letters. The servers are case sensitive (meaning A is a totally different letter from a, and so forth).

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