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Cintek Unlimited - Unlimited Access ONLY $29.95
Thank you for your interest in a Cintek powered website. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help meet your online goals.

Every site or application we create follows the same philosophy:
  • Clean interface design (attractive site which promotes corporate branding but ensures the site will be useable by all browsers at any screen resolution with a brief load time)
  • Information presented in a logical fashion (ensure most pages on the site will be available with no more than 3 mouse clicks)
  • Easy to navigate (each page contains a list of "root" menu options as well as global links)
  • Dynamic content (frequently updated areas of the site, such as press releases and newsletters, are updateable by the client through a set of password protected pages)
  • Avoid "stale" pages (through the use of dynamic content and email auto responders we leave the impression of a customer focused company with a current website)
  • Scalable (sites are designed with expansion and upgrades in mind - once the key pages are in place it is easy to add new features and/or pages)
  • Search Engine friendly (through various design features, such as not using frames, we optimize your chances of being found on major search engines)

Some of our common features include:

  • E-Commerce (Shopping Carts, Credit Card Processing, JIT Inventory & Shipping)
  • Secured Servers (SSL Encryption, Domain/Realm Control)
  • Message Forums
  • Web-based Content Manipulation
  • Chat Rooms
  • Dynamic Content (e.g. Weather, stock, news)
  • Flash (Animation, Sound)
  • Email Forms
  • Rotating Advertisements
    Our Team
Our team of staff and contract developers have a wide array of experience including new media design, print media, application programming, and network administration. We have worked with clients of all sizes ranging from home-based business to giants like Intel and American Express.

We have a wide variety of projects under our belt:

  • Corporate Websites
  • E-Commerce Store-fronts
  • Database Driven Web Applications
  • Information Portals
  • Interactive Web-based Games
  • Personal Homepages
Below are a few sites that have been designed by Cintek: - an informational site that includes a document library, dynamic file downloads, and a moderated message board. Content administered remotely through a web-based interface. - a large site created to promote Houseboating vacations timeshares. Features include printer friendly content in Adobe Acrobat and a high ranking on all major search engines. - the first of it's kind, this site featured live Video Streams, Webcasting, Chat Rooms, and Public/Moderated Message Forums. - an E-Commerce site designed to promote and sell various hand-crafted import artwork.

Thank You For Choosing Cintek!
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